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Emotion in Motion

Project to study the perception of emotion in motion in animation, done under DMD 497 (Senior Design) class at UPenn. Click here for progress blog. Project was part of The Effect of Posture and Dynamics on the Perception of Emotion paper that was accepted into the 2013 ACM Symposium on Applied Perception.

LiuSalon Hair Shading System

Maya plugin for single scattering shading of hair written in C++, MEL Script, and Renderman Shading Language. Based on An Artist Friendly Hair Shading System.

Hair Simulator

This project implements a mass-spring system and guide-strand interpolation to simulate the behavior of straight hair on a sphere-head, done under the CIS563 class at UPenn. This was mostly based on A Mass Spring Model for Hair Simulation. Includes mass-spring system where individual hair strands are segments of particles connected by springs, collision detection/response between hair strands and between hair and a sphere-head, stiction, strain-limiting, guide-strand interpolation, and uses RK4 integration. Written in C++. Click image to the left for results, or read the final report here.

Smoke Simulator

3D Smoke Simulator based on a MAC Grid system based on the SIGGRAPH 2007 Course Notes on Fluid Simulation, implemented in CIS563 at UPenn. Includes density/temperature/velocity advection, buoyancy, vorticity confinement, conjugate gradient solver using Modified Incompletely Cholesky preconditioner, and cubic interpolation. Written in C++. Click the image for 100x100x100 grid example.

Jello Simulator

This project implements a mass-spring system to simulate the behavior of jello, implemented in CIS563 at UPenn. Jello is a cube made up of particles connected by shear, bend, and structural springs. Implemented these springs, along with collision/contact detection and response with cylinders/spheres/cubes and meshes loaded from obj files, and forward Euler and midpoint integration. Written in C++. Click images for video examples using RK4 integration.


Hello! I'm Fannie.

I'm a Digital Media Design student and Computer Graphics and Game Technology submatriculant at the University of Pennsylvania, graduating in 2014.

I'm interested in Computer Graphics & Human-Computer Interaction. I also like digital as well as traditional art, including illustration and web design.

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